Deadlines & Next Steps Overview

EUNEFRON third periodic report and final report   29th of June 2012
EUNEFRON closing symposium and general assembly meeting   9-10 March 2012
EUNEFRON second periodic report   29th of December 2010 (done)
EUNEFRON Yearly Meeting 2010 (Paris)   22nd-23rd of October 2010
EUNEFRON Steering Committee meeting   4th of August 2010
Cystinosis database meeting   26th of July 2010
Cystinosis database meeting   18th of June 2010
Meeting of the Registry and Network groups   12th of December2009
EUNEFRON first year report   21st of April 2009 (done)
EUNEFRON Yearly Meeting 2009 (Zurich)   16th-18th of April 2009
EUNEFRON Kickoff meeting (Brussels)   23rd-24th of May 2008
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