Welcome to the EUNEFRON website

EUNEFRON is a consortium of European partners in the field of kidney research focusing on orphan nephropathies, that has acquired EU funding through the framework 7 program. This website is dedicated to provide information about the consortium to the community and to provide a communication service to the partners themselves.

In this consortium, we have mobilized a critical mass of expertise to investigate, on a Europe-wide scale, the natural history and pathophysiology of a series of rare inherited diseases affecting various segments of the kidney.
The project uses and develops multiple models (in vitro and in vivo) with the aim to develop preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions that should alleviate the burden of these diseases. A central task of the consortium is the creation of a European registry and a network of genetic laboratories to foster a tight interaction between physicians and researchers, promote clinical and basic research, and ensure the efficient dissemination of knowledge.
By increasing our knowledge of these rare diseases, the EUNEFRON project will also yield new insights into basic processes relevant for the general population (progression of renal disease, blood pressure control, prevention of renal stones, effect of gender and ageing, etc…), the complex relationship between different nephron segments, and the multi-systemic involvement of renal diseases.

EUNEFRON has ceased its activities after reaching the end of its contract date: May 1st 2012.